Sobota 15. 5. 2021

Sobota 15. 5. 2021

Školní události

Řekni to poezií a ještě v angličtině

Básničky a rýmovačky našich žáků  a žákyň ve výuce AJ

V době distanční výuky zadala paní učitelka Janková svým žákům z 8.A  za úkol napsat básničku na téma SPACE. Podmínkou bylo použít budoucí čas (will/won’t) a slovíčka ze slovní zásoby lekce Journey into space. Většina žáků ji mile překvapila. Posuďte sami.  


A dog will dream about going to a planet,

so he will make a rocket.

He won't have SARS,

so he will travel to Mars.

Even he will like the planet, he will wish to travel home

 but he won't have a phone.

His lovely Scarlett

will save him from the planet.

He finally will be at home

playing with his Mars stone.



I had a very strange birth,
but it was on the Earth.
Me and my friend have a great friendship,
so we decided to buy a spaceship



I fly to the space with my rocket.
I will eat some chocolate.
I will fly close to the Sun.
It will be fun.
Then i fly to the space station.
It won't be a police station.


When I have a rocket, I'll fly  to Mars.
I will have a beautiful view of the sky with the stars.
There will be no happy life.
Then I'll go back to Earth.


I will go to the Sun,
with spaceship Hum.
I will be a new astronaut,
and will look on the satellite.
I will see the Moon, I say:
I will go there soon.
Now I am on the Sun
and I see my son.




I will want my own planet

with all video games in its orbit.

I will play them every day

I will be the best player

Look! There’s a shining meteor.




When I will be twenty eight
I will think straight.
I will want to fly to space
somewhere where will be an empty place.
I want to see the sun very close
see the clouds flows.
Feel like a light feather
that flows in the cold weather.
I am dreaming a lot
am I an idiot?



I will go to a star
in our cosmic car.
There I will see the future
without that beautiful nature.

Then I will start to cry,
because our planet will be dry.
I won't return to the Earth,
because no one will give there a birth.



The name of our moon is Moon
do you hope we will land there soon?
I think it’s made of cheese 
do you like some of these?



The Stars And Little Astronaut

What are the lights on the sky?

What are these little white shining balls

that everybody on the Earth knows?    

My mind will get crazy

if I don’t hold them with Daisy.


Will you take off with me?

When we are waiting for the bus,

curiosity is chasing us?

I want to know their big shining boss

who always tanned my nose.

His name is the Sun.


And we will wear a brilliant white jacket

while sitting in our big rocket

which will take us to the lights

 whose names are the stars.



The universe is such an unknown place,
I imagine only dark and magic space.

I do not want to be an astronaut,
I am not brave enough.

I love our Earth and Sun,
because I prefer everyday sureness and fun.



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